The company

Our History

An ambitious dream, that is carefully cared and dynamic, take shape in a product highly creative and perfectionist.

Cognitively associated with royalty, wealth, sensitivity and beauty; visually strong, imperative and weak; a sense of acidity mitigated by moderate sweetness and a velvety texture, a key to a premium product.

The name represents the color, and all its characteristics represent the guideline of a project called PURPLE.

The company was created at the end of 2012, thought of a contained dimension, with a clear entrepreneurial strategy and dynamism, objectively in a dimensioned growth purpose and in the conquest of new markets economically favorable and permeable to Premium products, where the rigor of the process productive, the excellence of flavor, the refinement of the image and the glamor of drinking something truly innovative and unmissable make the difference.

The already extensive experience of its mentors in sensorial analysis, oenology, the knowledge of ancestral winemaking techniques and others, innovative and avant-garde respectful of tradition, the responsibility for what nature has at its best - the purity of water, fruits, flowers , the herbs, the plants, were associated with the desire to listen to new creators and designers and to bet on unique creations.

We sought the nature of northern Portugal for the quality of its water, and the people more experienced in this knowledge, the secular techniques - infusion / maceration / tanning, and to the youngers the inspiration
of the simplicity of revenue and innovation in the selection of raw materials.

A cohesive team today does not the hide pride in the creation of a series of premium products with an excellent quality and where the design is an integral part of its look of refinement, with an ambition to admire them in the most exquisite places in the world.

Purple Vodka® aims to be present in the best places of each city ...

By the time! Do you know this flavour?

Our knowledge

PURPLE Gin & Vodka is the creation.
Fruit of experiences, proofs, conjugations.

A definite vision for a Purple symbol, that is, a form as if it were a company
seen and recognized by the market, is generally based on three fundamental points:

- Quality

- Attention to the details

- Seeking the perfection